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Seon Bhajan no Ma Hu Mashi (Guitar chord)
I am a Christian, I will remain as long as the sun and the moon remain I am a Christian, I will testify even if everyone laughs I am Masi, I took his mark and saved him from shedding his own blood I am a Christian, this is my happiness I belong to Christ, he bought I am a Christian, Christ saved the abominable sinner, how awful
I am a Christian, I will follow Jesus on the cross I will fight Christ if others do not want to leave him I will overcome all sin by the Spirit, the Word, and the blood of Christ
I am a Christian, a traveler in the world, this world is not my home Soon the journey will be over, and there will be no more grief I am Masi, I have a strange hope that Masi will come again soon People laugh, but the truth is, Christ takes me with him I am a Christian, a strange music resounds in my heart It is not a ritual nor a pretense, but the spirit lives in me I am Masi, there is no fear of dying, one day the hour of death will come Leaving this world rejoicing, Christ will welcome me

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